Lake Trail Update 2/10/2019

The Graceton Beach to Warroad trail got groomed on Friday --- with the exception of three miles east of Warroad -- a large crack was unsafe to cross with our groomer --- the Wheelers to Oak Island trail only got groomed to Knight Island -- with the changing temps a crack disallowed our groomed to get past it --- this will be hopefully groomed all the way to Oak Island by Tuesday --- warmer temps are coming which will make these crack move even more -- the River trail got groomed Saturday afternoon -

Snow depth on the lake is getting deeper! --- Blowing and drifting this past week has pushed depths up to well over a a foot to 18 inches or snow in spots ---

Trail base is well over 18 inches -

All lake trails are groomed with the exception of Knight Island to Oak Island -

Trails Conditions are good!

Lake/River Trail Update 01/31/2019

Today is Jan 31st - both the Wheelers to Oak Island and the Graceton Beach to Warroad trails are currently being groomed today!- The trail to Oak has seen lots of traffic - mostly fisherman -- only two cracks that you need to worry about -- the first one is just north of Pine Island about a mile -- and the second is just south of Knight Island -- as far as snowmobiles are concerned crossing these cracks is very easy -- The Warroad trail has a crack east of Warroad we have not been able to cross with our groomer - this crack is about 3 miles east of Warroad - Enjoy the weekend -- temps are on the rise!

Trail Update 12/31/2018

Nothing has been actually groomed yet, just dragging the grass down which fills in some holes but not very smooth out there yet. Need more snow to really get a nice grooming. Most of the swamp trails have been dragged down except the Floyd Olson and the John Beckel Northern Connection. More snow by Waskish (being dragged today) and Kelliher got three inches we need last night. Some places are really nice but be cautious because we just don’t have the snow to fill moguls and ditches yet.